Family Timeline


  • hello it's 2022


  • Annie gets dream job at Beeper!!! (

  • Nathan gets full-time role at Google with the CTR!!!

  • Nannie goes to Montreal with the Beeper team :) (Sep)

  • Nannie, Melonie, Scott, Susan all visit Albuquerque for the hot air balloon festival (Oct)

  • Nannie gets a PUPPY (Oct)


  • Nannie moves in with Nathan's parents because their house is way more fun during covid. Spends lots of quality time with family, like Mitchell and his now wife, Rachel. Lots of Gloomhaven and badminton. (Mar)

  • Nannie buys a house in south Austin! (Oct)


  • Nathan and Annie get married 💕 (Jan)

  • Honeymoon cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel! (Jan)

  • Annie starts job at CCA (Jan)


  • Annie spends the summer in East Lansing, Michigan, working on Lingco (

  • Annie decides on her first job out of college - Custom Church Apps (Oct)

  • Nathan proposes to Annie!!!! 💍 (Nov)